The Pro Bono team promotes human rights discourse through legal research and writing. EJP Pro Bono provides support to practitioners, interest organisations, and community groups who share the Equal Justice Project's goals of promoting equality, inclusivity, and respect for human dignity. Senior students in the Pro Bono team gain practical legal experience in researching for cases, conducting independent case studies, and compiling submissions to domestic and international committees. Our volunteers are law students who have demonstrated a capacity for high quality legal research and a dedication to protecting human rights.

The Pro Bono team consists of law students, not qualified lawyers, and as such can only provide assistance to licensed practitioners, not clients directly. If you require legal assistance please ask your lawyer to contact us.

In the past, EJP has submitted to the United Nations Committee On the Rights of Children in conjunction with Action for Children and Youth Aotearoa, submitted to the Human Rights Commission on behalf of the National Foundation for the Deaf, conducted an independent case study on the NZ Immigration Profiling Branch, as well as completed individual case research for numerous barristers and academics. The Pro Bono team also assisted with the groundbreaking recent Supreme Court decision Proprietors of Wakatu v Attorney-General [2017] NZSC 17 where the NZSC found that the Crown owed fiduciary duties to the customary land owners.

In 2016, volunteers worked on a project grounded in the issues surrounding refugees, their children, and their access to social services. The team also provided legal research in relation to the potential discrimination grounds and illegality of the Department of Corrections’ policies with respect to transgender prisoners. Another major project they worked on was assisting former Judge David Harvey in his mission to provide assistance to self-represented litigants.

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