One of the greatest barriers towards social justice for all and universal equality before the law is a lack of understanding that such progress is needed. In order to break through this barrier, Communications works through our publications and across social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram) in order to foster active discussion of the law’s role in promoting social justice by providing detailed yet approachable legal analysis and promoting the work of EJP and like-minded organisations.

The Communications Team publishes articles on legal and political issues on our website (see our home page) as well as in external publications on campus and in the legal community. Our aim is to broaden EJP’s audience and raise awareness of social justice issues both within the legal community and the wider community. Our articles have been re-published in Craccum Magazine, the Auckland District Law Society's Law News and Verbatim Magazine, and they have been referenced in other articles and research (including Wikipedia!).

The Communications Team also works on bill submissions. The legal research conducted by our volunteers is then submitted to Parliament. This is done to expand our outreach to the legislative process, as well as to educate our volunteers on the procedures behind legislative change.

The Communications Team is also responsible for EJP's social media presence and website management.

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For any specific or general Communications related inquiries, please contact Anuja Mitra and Claudia Russell at