The Access team was created in 2016 by combining the efforts of Outreach and Education.

Our team focuses on raising awareness and facilitating the discussion of the legal issues that arise, both in the justice system, and in the various aspects of our everyday lives. Our work is separated into two main projects, our presentations and our symposiuma.

Our presentations involve constructing informative workshops in various educational facilities. These presentations spread awareness within the wider community, of the institutions and legal issues which construct our lives, and our rights within those institutions.

Our symposia construct interesting and intellectually stimulating discourse about topical legal issues, and are centered more around university students.
Past symposia topics include “The Rights of Transgender People in Prisons”; “Deal or No Deal? – Plea Bargaining in the Justice System”, "Neurodisability and Therapeutic Jurisprudence" (2017), a pre-election candidates debate (2017) and prison reform (2018).

The Access team also got some philanthropically minded volunteers together for a morning at Eat My Lunch, an organisation which provides lunches for children in need.

To view a selection of EJP Access's past submissions, please click here.

Symposia papers:

If you have any inquiries about Access, please contact Samantha Noakes and  Josie Butcher at

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