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Audiovisual Recordings: EJP Miscarriages of Justice Symposium
Ted's Take: EJP hosts a public meeting

Recently, EJP and the Human Rights Foundation agreed to host a public meeting with Nicky Hager, based on our perception of the importance of the wider and non-partisan message of his work in terms of assisting the creation of a real, engaged participatory democracy. As can be seen from Ted's take on the book, there are clear issues of legal principle resting below the surface of the media storm around Nicky Hager's new work.

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Symposium on Judicial Accountability

The Equal Justice Project on Campus members have published an issues paper concerning judicial accountability and have held a symposium with Chief District Court Judge Jan-Marie Doogue, Dr Rodney Harrison QC, and Edward Willis, a senior solicitor at Webb Henderson and a PhD student in the University of Auckland’s Law Faculty, sitting on the panel.

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