(Now Closed) Volunteer Applications for 2019 are now open!


The Equal Justice Project is now recruiting for 2019!
We are seeking enthusiastic, fun loving and committed volunteers with a passion for social justice and improving outcomes for those in the Auckland and wider community. Grades are not relevant to your application – whether you are after social or leadership opportunities, or legal experience, there is an EJP team suited to you.

Volunteer applications will be open from 1pm on the 8th of March till midnight on 15th of March.

EJP will hold an Opening Function to welcome its new volunteers at 6pm on Friday 5th of April and a training hui on Saturday 6th of April. If selected, we strongly encourage you to attend these events. (Subject to venue confirmation - we will email you with any changes)

We are seeking volunteers for all four of our teams:


  • This team focuses on promoting awareness and discourse of legal issues among young people through outreach and education. Access organises symposia at which speakers discuss important legal issues. Access visits and presents to facilities such as schools around Auckland, with the aim of helping people (especially youth) understand their rights. And don’t forget the bake sales!

  • Volunteers can expect to commit 3-4 hours on average per week to the team.
  • Access is recruiting approximately 12-14 new volunteers this year.


  • This team is responsible for writing articles about legal, political, and social justice issues and publishing them to our website with the goal of informing the wider community. The Communications team also conducts research for parliamentary bill submissions on a range of issues affecting our communities. Furthermore, this team is responsible for EJP’s social media presence, promotional material and website.

  • Weekly time commitment to this team varies. Volunteers are expected to write one short (800-1000 word) article and one long (1200-1500 word) article per semester.
  • Communications is recruiting approximately 15 new volunteers this year.


For information about the Community Law centres*, please open the information pack below:

  • This team supports the work of facilities like the Community Law Centres by sending volunteers to work with them on an ongoing basis. Volunteers assist by interviewing clients, writing case files, drafting letters and providing the public with information and advice.
  • Volunteers can expect to commit 2 -4 hours on average per week to the team. This varies between centres, and more information on each centre can be found in the Community Information Pack on our Facebook Page.
  • Community is recruiting approximately 60 new volunteers this year.
  • NOTE: *Applicants will be asked to rank community law centres in order of preference. Due to the large number of applications we recieve, we cannot always guarantee your first choice.


  • This team offers free legal research and analytical assistance to practitioners and academics working on social justice-based issues. The Pro Bono team is actively seeking both senior and junior level law students to foster a training environment and promote longevity within the team. Lack of experience will not bar you from becoming part of the team. We offer in-house legal research and skills-based training in order to help you become better law students and researchers.

  • Pro Bono volunteers can expect to work on one research assignment per semester, and there is flexibility in terms of the timing of these assignments. The weekly time commitment averages to around 3-4 hours per week, and team members will need to commit to a fortnightly team meeting.
  • Pro Bono is recruiting 20 new volunteers this year.

For the new Part II's who are looking to apply, please do not be deterred by a lack of experience. All of our teams have support networks in place to help you develop the skills you need to help you succeed in your role. We want a group of people reflective of law school and that includes many of you!

We welcome your enthusiasm and encourage you to apply using the form below if you want to become a volunteer with us! The work we do is very rewarding, and this is an awesome opportunity to meet new people and challenge yourself. We look forward to receiving your applications.

You can find out more about the different teams on our website, or by contacting the Directors at: directors@equaljusticeproject.co.nz

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