Event & Research Paper: "Modern Slavery in New Zealand" Symposium


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The Equal Justice Project's Access Team presented their second symposium of the year: "Modern Slavery in New Zealand – Time to Act” on the 17th of September.Given the continuing exploitation of migrant workers in New Zealand, increasing rates of human trafficking, the issue of orphanage tourism as a form of modern slavery and limited supply chain accountability for businesses, the focus of the symposium was to discuss where we should go from here. Should New Zealand follow the lead of the United Kingdom and Australia and adopt a Modern Slavery Act, or should we pursue other policy options?Our prestigious panelists were Dr Jackie Blue (Equal Employment Opportunities Human Rights Commissioner), Rob Fyfe (Director of Michael Hill, Air Canada and Antarctica New Zealand), Dr Christina Stringer (Associate Professor in the Department of Management and International Business) and Hannah Reid (Solicitor at Meredith Connell).

Symposium Research Paper

Finally, Access team volunteers (Emily Lyons, Sophie Vreeburg, Mutki Rathod, Laura Wang and Veronica Shepherd) have completed a research paper examining the issue. Read the research paper here.