The Rights of Transgender People in Prison Symposium Paper


There is a pressing need to consider the nature of the problems that are being faced by transgender prisoners, and also the ways in which those problems can be realistically and effectively addressed.

This is a research paper compiled by the Equal Justice Project's Access volunteers for presentation at our Symposium on the Rights of Transgender People in Prison. In addition to addressing the difficulties faced by incarcerated transgender individuals, it will canvas a range of potential solutions for those difficulties. Inspiration will be drawn from approaches taken overseas, while assessing the possibility of successful replication in New Zealand. It is the Equal Justice Project's intention that this paper will encourage conversation about how we can better protect the rights of transgender prisoners.

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Report Researched, Compiled, Proofed, Formatted, and Edited by: Victoria Brownlee, Maree Cassaidy, Linda Lim, Rima Shenoy, Rachel Castelino, Andrea Lim, Helen Savage, Eugenia Woo, Rebecca Hallas.